The Mission


Zak & What Army? can be summarized as: an inter & inner-galactic effort to gently but loudly announce to humanity that our species has hence entered an age of sheer recreation, exploration, innovation & bliss.

The only obligatory frontiers we need now explore are that of joy, art, consciousness, sexuality, sorcery, humor & Nonsense (tell me if I missed a thing). We have already won the eternal war of freedom/love vs. coercion/fear. The only mission we are left with now, is that of alerting/reminding the entire world of the arrival of this new epoch & our triumph over the swiftly dwindling forces of heartlessness & greed, because alas.. some of us seem to remain hypnotically disillusioned that the old & obsolete modalities still need concern & enslave our world & our kind.

The eternal victory has already been won yo. Zak & What Army? is only here to remind you.. & to serve as MC of the triumphant celebration of the present & future.

You yourself are in fact a part of "This Army?", simply by agreeing with this radically inclusive manifesto of unadulterated love, freedom & nonsense. I love you all just for existing friends. Game on yo. -"Lieutenant" Zakery Winchester

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